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Blue Whale- An Online Suicide Game?

Although it is not clear that an online suicide game exists, this game has been linked to suicide, specifically among teenagers. The game began in Russia. According to the Chicago Tribune, “Essentially a dangerous personal obstacle course of 50 daily tasks that include everything from watching horror films to self-mutilation, the game is rumored to be behind unexpected deaths across the globe. But because the challenge plays out on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, the reality is hard to prove. In fact, due to the extreme premise alone, some says it’s just an internet hoax invented to frighten parents and other adults.”

The Miami Police Department has created the following video on the challenge, explaining the clues of the game, as well as the end result.

There needs to be awareness on the internet’s impact on teenage suicide. We need to improve our own literacy on social media and help our children. As parents, it is vital to understand what the non-existent “blue whale” game means.


13 April 2017: John A. Tures, The Observer: How Terrorists Recruit Female Suicide Bombers, LaGrange, GA.

Dr. Tures recently published an article on Dr. Patel’s presentation at the Western Hemisphere for Security and Cooperation (WHINSEC) on female suicide terrorism. Mr. Tures writes, “The women recruited don’t want equality,” she told my audience. “They want escape, and death is that escape. They do so even though Islam forbids suicide. There’s room to misrepresent this, and terrorists exploit this.” Read More.


30 March 2017: Western Hemisphere for Security and Cooperation, Ft. Benning, GA

Dr. Patel was one of five panelists selected globally to present at the Western Hemisphere of Security Cooperation at Ft. Benning, GA on March 30th. The Symposium focused on Women, Peace, and Security. Dr. Patel’s powerful presentation on the Psychology of Female Violence presented the impact of neuro-cognitive behavior and neuro-psychological elements utilized by terrorist organizations to recruit, train, and retain Islamic females to execute their suicide missions through the process of radicalization. In this presentation, Dr. Patel briefed military personnel,  from nations belonging to the Western Hemisphere, Iraq, and Egypt with an alternative view of women’s suppression, oppression, and suffrage that is a direct result of gender disparity in a male dominated enclave, supported by religion and culture.


01 March 2017: Lifegiver Podcast: Bullying It’s Not Just Kids Anymore

Dr. Patel was interviewed by Corie Weathers, Founder of Lifegiver, on her expertise of applying conflict management to combat bullying. The interactive interview sheds light for children, adults, and communities on combating bullying through positive interaction, diplomacy, and collaboration. Click on the link to listen to the interview! Bullying